Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's been a month but I'm OK!

So I got a sewing machine that works (yay!) and I've got a consignment deal and I'm just enjoying being busy. Those 2 days/week that I was supposed to have free while the little man goes to preschool - well, I've yet to stay home during them... which means that my house is a mess and needs to be cleaned and that I need to delegate responsibility on some of my volunteer stuff (I'm really trying but my type-A is showing!). Anyway, on to bow biz. Here's my new fav for young and old:

I call them Mini Cherry Blossom Folded Fabric Flowers - what a mouthful but it's descriptive and more SEO appropriate than what I'd like to call them! They are 1" fabric flowers on 1.75" alligator clips and I'm selling them for $4/pair.