Monday, September 14, 2009

bows on a short day

Here in Fairfax County, we have short school days on Monday. Our school has gotten even earlier this year too - last year was 12:35 and we're now out at 12:10. I like this time better as it works with our typical nap schedule (12:30 to 2:20 - times are firm as we got home from preschool last year at 12:20 and, being in a walk zone, we need to leave to pick up elementary school kids at 2:20 so no real wiggle room).

So this morning, I was invited to a friend's house, who I had made bows for but had run out of clip grips on, to repair her bows and for some company. Our "babies" are about the same age - 2 1/2 - and play nicely with each other so it was a nice visit and it's always nice to get out and walk a bit in crisp autumn weather. So, sorry gentle readers who love my pictures, my camera battery was charging so I didn't get pictures but I made a couple just plain bows for her daughter while chatting.

After that, it was home, lunch and off to pick up the girls from their first Monday of the school year! We ended up having an impromptu playdate this afternoon with friends of my school kids and I got nothing bow related done after that. So I'll leave you with a tip - beady Contact shelf liner works great as clip grip.

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