Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Easy Crochet Pattern Share - snowman coffee cup coozy

I do a lot of socializing at Starbucks and I meet a lot of people by simply crocheting in public. It's an amazingly simple marketing/networking strategy. Here's an easy-peasy pattern that I use to draw attention to myself!

I like to use a J hook but you can adapt this to any hook you like to use.
I used 2 strands of yarn for most of the coozy (Knit Picks Cotlin DK for the scarf and hat, Knit Picks Shine Sport for the face). I really think that 2 strands, no matter the weight, makes it look better.
scraps of black and orange - both of these happened to be Shine Worsted.

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
sc3tog - single crochet together
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
slst - slip stitch
sk - skip

I like to use a no-chain single crochet foundation row b/c it leaves such a pretty edge. Here's a video tutorial which I totally think is necessary if you've never done a foundation row before.

Foundation Row: 29 stitches or 9 inches, being careful not to twist the row and slst join, do not turn
R2: ch1, sc in the same stitch as the slst, sc around, slst join
CHANGE YARN HERE to white for snowman face
R3-6: ch2, hdc in the same stitch as the slst, hdc around, slst join
CHANGE YARN HERE to hat color
R7 and hat: ch2, hdc in the same stitch as the slst, hdc 17, TURN,
ch1, sk next stitch, sc in the next stitch, sc 7, slst in next stitch, TURN,
ch1, sk slst, sc in next stitch, sc7, slst in last stitch, TURN,
ch1, sk slst, sc in next stitch, sc5, slst in last stitch, TURN,
ch1, sk slst, sc in next stitch, sc 2, sc2tog, slst in last stitch, TURN,
ch1, sk slst, sc in next stitch, sc2togslst in last stitch, TURN,
ch1 sk slst, sc2tog, ch1, sc down the side, hdc in the same space as the last stitch before the first turn, continue hdc around the round, slst join
R8: slst around R7, keep going thru the hat portion, not around it, join and bind off.  I do the seamless join with this that I learned from The Lovely Crow - pull the end thru the last slst so there's a loose end on the outside; with a yarn needle, thread the loose end, then go under the first slst in the round and back thru the last slst so you can't find the join.

Scarf end
I only use 1 strand of the scarf color for this so it lays down nicely. Leave a long tail (8 inches or so) at the beginning.
R1: ch4, sc in second chain from hook, sc to end
R2-3: ch2, hdc in same stitch, hdc across
R4: ch1, slst across
use 4 strand for fringe, slst on. I wanted to use 3 section but I only fit 2 on. I also tucked my end into the closest fringe - that's my favorite part of fringe - no weaving in ends!

I really don't like making pompoms but...IT'S JUST SO CUTE! Here's a tutorial - I only used 2 fingers for this since it's a mini.

Eyes (make 2)
10 sc in your magic ring (complete with cheesy music, here's Planet June's video tutorial), invisible join and bind off.

Carrot nose
ch4, slst in second chain from the hook, sc in next stitch, hdc in last stitch, bind off.

PUT IT TOGETHER: Use the loose ends at the bottom to finish that edge - I pull it thru the bottom of the last stitch and tie it off like I do a sewing stitch. Weave in the ends including the ones from the bottom. Using long tails, sew on the scarf, eyes and nose. Weave in those ends. Fold down the hat and sew on the pompom through both the tip of the hat and the coozy. Weave in those ends and VOILA! Enjoy your yummy drink (butterbeer anyone?)

nah - this one's better for the Butterbeer!

(This pattern hasn't been tested by others, just by me. If you find a mistake, send me a message or leave a comment)

Also - Introducing PRINCESSES! to my fabric sandwich bag repertoire!

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