Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bunny ears crochet pattern

I had the opportunity to make a fuzzy bunny hat for a photographer recently. I found some really great bulky fuzzy yarn (Yarn Bee Cameo) - it's soft, it has fluff and fuzz - it's great's super bulky (6)...I love sport weight yarn and often use it (with a size larger hook) when worsted weight is called for. It's light and lacy. But bulky and then some? Yes, it works up faster but it's just so big! No problem though, I'll have to find a pattern that calls for bulky yarn. um... yeah... so...

Well, a beanie hat isn't hard to make. I loosely followed Red Heart's Bunny Hat pattern for the beanie - I love the dc row amid the primarily sc rows. Granted, the pattern was written for a worsted weight (4) so I had to make modifications - I switched to my largest hook (M) and cut down on number of rows. but even then the ears didn't really work - they were too stiff with the bulky yarn.

I went looking for another pattern. I couldn't really find one that would work with bulky yarn or gave me the look I was going for so I made up my own!

Inner ear (crochet 2)
with sport or worsted weight yarn (I did white with the pink hat and cream with the tan hat) and a I hook, leave a longer tail and ch 21.
R1: sc in the second ch from hook, sc 18; in the last ch, 5sc. working on the other side of the ch, sc 19 to the end, do not join, ch1 turn (43)
R2: sc in the same sc as the ch1, sc 18, 2sc in each of the 5 turning stitches, sc 19, ch1 turn (48)
R3: sc in the same sc as the ch1, sc 7, hdc 3, dc 10, hdc, 2sc, sc-ch-sc, 2sc, hdc, dc 10, hdc 3, sc 9, ch1 turn (52 including sc-ch-sc)
R4: slst in the first stitch, slst 5, sc 19, in the ch1 space, sc-ch-sc, ,sc 19, slst 6, bind off leaving long tail (53 inclusing sc-ch-sc).
using the longer starting tail, sew up any gap made by crocheting on both sides of the ch.

Fuzzy Outer Ear (crochet 2)
using the super bulky yarn and the M hook, ch 13.
R1: sc in the second ch from the hook, sc 10, sc 5 in the last ch, working on the other side of the ch, sc 11, ch1 turn (27)
R2: sc in the same stitch as the ch 1, sc 10, 2sc in each of the 5 turning stitches, sc 11, ch1 turn (32)
R3: sc in the same stitch as the ch 1, sc 10, hdc, dc, 2dc, dc, 2dc, dc-ch1-dc, 2dc, dc, 2dc, dc, hdc, sc 10, ch turn (38 including dc-ch-dc) do not bind off
weave in the starting tail

*here come the tricky part - joining the inner and outer ears together. You'll notice that they aren't the same size and don't have the same number of finishing stitches and that the M hook will not fit in the I hook space. I switch to a J hook. I use 3 removable stitch markers (safety pins) to hold them together temporarily. The first one is placed in the ch space at the turn for both inner and outer ear. The other 2 attach to the top of the ear for both parts of the ears. As the next row is worked, there's a bit of "easing in" that goes on - the stitches with stitch markers are the only ones that have to match up.
R4: holding both part of the ear together, insert the hook with the fuzzy working yarn still looped under the first slst of the inner ear and thru the same stitch as the ch1 of the outer ear, draw a loop through both pieces and make a sc. Do the same for the rest of the slst and the sc on the inner ear (24 st) to the next stitch marker - some of the outer ear stitches will have 2 stitches in each stitch but not all of them (this is the easing in part). In the ch spaces, sc-ch-sc. sc in each of the inner ear sc attaching it to the outer ear - remember, some of the outer ear stitches will hold 2 of the sc - use your best judgement. bind off leaving a long tail.

tuck the starting tail of the inner ear between the layers and use the long tail of the inner ear to sew the top closed with a whip stitch, I knot it and weave in ends. Using long tail of the fuzzy yarn, sew the ears on the hat where and how you like them. Weave in the ends of the fuzzy yarn, put hat on a baby - adorable!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sewing with Kids

Last week, Joann's Fabrics had a McCall's Pattern sales - 5 for $7 and with pattern prices creeping up to $20 a pop, I JUMPED on this! I picked out some patterns that I could possibly do with my girls (I'd do them with my son too if he had any interest whatsoever but it's not Legos so he doesn't care). My 12 year old learned to sew in Home Ec this year and has asked for a cape pattern for fleece (I had one, where did I put it again? oh well, $1.40 and I have a new one). I've been promising my almost 10 year old a ballet bag with an Andover Fabric At the Barre fabric panel (purple) and coordinating striped fabric I bought for her years ago now (2008? 2009?).

My oldest was less than thrilled at the pattern I picked up for her (McCall's M6196) b/c it's a poncho, not a I started with my dancer. She wanted one with a spot for her water bottle - I get that so I picked out this one McCall's M6297 and she picked out View D (the big on in the back) with the pocket on the inside:

I have no idea how I learned to sew with a pattern - my mom's not really a sewer and I made a lot of stuff before my friend's mom taught us the basics. I know things came out less than perfect for a LONG TIME but I found out that my little girl can't cut a straight line even slowly with my super sharp scissors. This was also NOT a simple pattern! I really thought it was going to be a "sew the bag, sew the liner, sew together, add the pocket" pattern but it was more complicated than that (LOTS of stitch the ditch type instructions) and I ended up taking over completely - she  ironed the fusible interfacing on... oh well! she has a fun bag now! I'll find something else to teach her machine sewing - maybe a pillow or blanket...

oops - forgot to add the photos!

Shop talk:  I'm really excited to be adding this bunny hat to my collection! It's made with Yarn Bee Cameo Bulky yarn to give it that fuzz!

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