Friday, April 22, 2016

April Bulletin Board

I had so much fun with this bulletin board! I decided to set it up like one of those fabric memo boards with the ribbons pulled across and held in place by buttons. It turned out great!

The events that we were advertising were:
Earth Day
Field Day
Library Night
Author visit
5th grade program
Kindergarten Registration Day
Special Olympics Little Feet Meet (not pictured - they had some tee shirts that we stapled up a few days later)

The (mostly) finished product

It started from here - measurements, planning and placement! I love that I have these grid sheets left over from teaching!

I forgot to photograph the homemade stencil (a poster board frame with clear contact paper cut out in damask stencil) but here's the work it did - I let it dry over the break and put up the rest when school was back in session.

Field Day sunglasses and pennants and the "buttons" for the memo board - old Earth Day poster themes!

Kindergarten registration - what's more fun than crayons?

Library Night theme was a campout!
I have been working on my Etsy shop too! I created 2 new bonnets of my own pattern (one was to match a pair of booties someone had received and has been sent out and the other hasn't been photographed yet - my craft room is a mess so I haven't had room yet!), made some custom requests for various customers (sloth scarf, anybody?) and this bonnet and booties set!