Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Season

So the Daisy bow continues to be my most popular seller rounding out to 100 sold since September. I can't say that I'm all that surprised as Daisies tend to be the girly-girl, bow-wearing crowd (it rounds out in Brownies and Juniors).

So I did my first Vendor Fair at the local elementary and I consider it a success as I made back my booth fee and then some. I did forget to take pictures while I was there - probably would have been a good idea but oh well, here's a pic of when I was arranging my table the night before in my living room (excuse the mess surrounding it - I've been one track this past week!)

We made it a REALLY busy weekend by adding in ballet class and gymnastics class to Saturday morning, a sick child to Saturday afternoon, religious ed and sick child getting worse and needing to go to the clinic on Sunday morning at the same time as Nutcracker ballet rehearsal and finishing it off with a fun evening of free holiday carols at Wolftrap. See us freeze our noses off in a favorite holiday tradition!

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  1. since I posted originally, I've sold an additional 30 of the GS Daisy bows! Superduper popular!