Sunday, December 6, 2009

No Sew Blankets

These are fun and easy (well, easy if you are good at measuring small amts over and over again). I'm searching for a picture but here's the story - Last year, my dad got Redskin's season tickets and so, naturally, since he's hard to shop for, we all got him something Redskins. To be honest, my dad had hinted (ahem, sent a list that included the words "Redskins Snuggie") at wanting a Redskins-themed Snuggie but my sisters and I agreed that he's enough of a dork without that (don't worry Dad, I've got you covered this year!). I wanted to get him a fleece stadium throw blanket but turns out, they were hard to find. Everything out there was either the woven cotton-stringy-fringy one or that fuzzy, sherpa-like, suck-the-moisture-right-out-of-you ones. The problem is that neither of these actually keep you particularly warm and they cost quite a lot for a smallish blanket. So my girls and I made him a no-sew blanket with Redskins burgundy and gold heavy-weight fleece. We made it bigger than a typical throw (I used my 8x10 rug as a guide). I ordered iron-on Redskins decals but they turned out too small and I've yet to come across the patch ones that I really wanted. Anyway, the point of this story is that he finally used the blanket today! It was pretty cold to be sitting in a stadium thru overtime but this blanket is huge and warm. Mom and Dad even shared it with one additional person. Mom gave away all my business cards too. So, if you are reading this and want a no-sew blanket, shoot me an email with color choices.

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