Sunday, July 11, 2010

long time, no type

I've been busy on Etsy! I've been making Daisy bows (for Girl Scout Daisies)

Crochet Bows:

Tailey Bows:

And Kanzashi Bows:

I've also done a couple custom orders for various teams:

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  1. Hey! Just a question. Do you think I could pull off wearing a bow like the Kanzashi? Or do you think a geezer like me would look silly with a bow in her hair? Are they for sale on your site?

  2. The kanzashi one is specifically for the geezers like us! I don't have the pearl beads or bead caps tested for lead and phthalates like it would need to be for a children's product. haha - I wanted the pinkish pearls and gave up trying to find ones that were CSPIA approved! Don't put them in your mouth! I can dye or paint it too for some additional "glitz" (excuse to by silver and gold fabric paint!!) or put them on a comb or headband (or comband) in a grouping. Personally, I looped a similar one onto Goody Spin Pins for a recent baby shower that you may have attended...