Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Show Off Your Stash - Link Party!

So one of my favorite fabric suppliers, XO Gigi Fabrics put up a blog post about sharing our work spaces. I, of course, waited until the very last minute. My office is a mess and I'm about to head out of town. So, here's the quickie tour:
My work space - 
multipurpose table: sewing machine, glue mat (brown), cutting mat (teal), glue gun, woodburning tool (to seal ribbon ends), tripod and lamp for product photography
behind the table: my "chair", ribbon, uncut fabrics, shipping supplies, train tracks (for my son's Lionel trains - I keep thinking that I'll get it cleaning up enough so that he can play with then in here), ironing board, craft show totes and that white cabinet is where I put my sewing machine manual and oil and photography prop backgrounds.
in front of the table: lots of supplies including unsorted ribbon, elastic (FOE, lace and skinny), clippies, fabric that's already been cut to size, unsold finished products, note cards, and, um... extra school supplies...

Here's my "stache" of cut fabrics - I need to ramp this up a bit because fabric sandwich bag selling season is coming up quickly!

Seeing this reminds me that I need to place an order - the tub on the bottom is my fabric stash and it's not as full as I like it (overflowing gets me moving!). Most in the tub are 1-2 yards of fabric that I will cut to become cloth sandwich bags. The one on top, Michael Miller's Send in the Crowns in white, is one of my daughter's favorites but I'm afraid to use it on anything because she gets things so dirty! I had put it away for her along with Andover's At the Barre quilt blocks, but I think it's time to get it in the mix! My real stash addiction is ribbon though - it's where my shop started! You can see it organized on top and I need to make another one (bigger/better) of these ribbon racks for the unsorted piles that I tried to hide in the picture of my whole office!

So, that's my stash!

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