Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Princesses!

Okay, on to more princesses. I love Disney so I've made almost all of the princesses in their line. Here's what I have taken pictures of:


Sleeping Beauty (Aurora):


Snow White (I need to order the correct blue):

and my most recent princess added, Pocahontas:

I haven't gotten around to doing the Frog Princess (Disney's new movie) but that will be a project for next week when the kids go to school. Am I missing any princesses? Let me know!


  1. I'm missing Jasmine from the main line of Disney Princesses... and I'm going to have to do Megra from Hercules and Kida (a challenge!) from Atlantis - oh and it looks like next year's release is Rapunzel... can't wait for all that golden hair!

  2. haha - I forgot to post Ariel too! I've made her a bunch but don't have a single picture! Now... I need some red ribbon...