Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School!

We're almost ready! Tonight is the first BTSN (Back To School Night) - it's on a new, before-school-starts schedule! I kind of like the idea but the way it's set out is confusing and parking is limited. Fourth graders come with the parents for a meet and greet tonight, first graders stay home in the morning and then magically appear at school immediately following the parents portion for a meet and greet - did I mention that the parking lot isn't that big? I'm glad we living within walking distance! And that my oldest is old enough to babysit - she's been a pocketbook saver this summer! She'll walk her brother up to the school to meet me so I don't have to go back and forth several times.

Back to School related - here's what I have Ready To Ship (sorry about the iPhone photos):
WRAPS: lilac aviary, alphabet soup, argyle, dinos

SNACKS: argyle

SANDWICH (velcro): circles, argyle, newsprint, rainbow mustaches (2)

SANDWICH (foldover): flowers, argyle

SPECIAL: swirly flowers

Wraps are $10, bags are $7.50. Email me or order on Etsy.

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