Monday, November 4, 2013

Crafting for the Holidays

The exciting craft season really starts at the beginning of October with Halloween Costumes. I usually spend the entire month planning, creating, scraping and starting over on frivolous but fun crafts (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once!) that make me feel warm and fuzzy about the holidays! I just couldn't get into the spirit of Halloween this year for the longest time! But my husband more than made up for it! He spent the entire month of October working on a MOVING magical eye to be Allister Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter! (I have a video but have no idea how to post it - I'll have to get Chris to set that up for you to see!)

The kids were easy this year -
A was a cat (black leggings, a leotard that's still too big for her sister, a length of craft marabou, a cheap flexible mask and velvet over-elbow gloves handed down from an older dancer friend),

E was the Greek Goddess, Artemis, from Percy Jackson (It was her vision too - we had the bow, Goodwill for the tunic, Chris made the bracers and leg guards out of foam sheets and I made the cape)

and M was Luke from Percy Jackson (jeans, tee, foam sword painted bronze on one side and "steel" on the other for BackBiter and a foam chest plate also made my Chris).

I jumped in at the last minute with a "What Does the Fox Say" costume (why do I love that song so much?) - Most of it was already in my closet and I made the mask with glitter and craft feathers the night before the annual party we attend. I actually spent more money on make-up than I did on my costume since I wear so little of it to begin with!

Finally, I got into the mood and made The Pumpkin Hat by Crochet by Jennifer and listed it in my Etsy shop. Turkey clippies and Santa hat are already there so I'm all ready for the next 2 holidays!!

Let's hope that the crafting spirit stays for a while! I have a lot to get done!

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