Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Vacation: DIY Art Day Camp

I love arts and crafts (obviously) and this summer, I wanted to share with my kids. I came up with the idea for Art Week after visiting the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) downtown with out-of-town friends (hey - who knew that it was free?). I brought up taking the kids to the museum over the summer to a couple local friends and when they were receptive, I sprung the week-long DIY Art Day Camp idea on them! We picked 2 or 3 activities for each day that we anticipated would take 2-3 hours for the kids to complete (we underestimated how long kids take on some projects - most were done in 20 minutes).

Day 1
Monday, Aug 18

We got a late start after a sleepless night but our resident artist let us in on the secret to drawing (psst - it's finding the simple shapes in an image)

Day 2
Tuesday, Aug 19

We made it downtown without getting lost and over an hour in the museum before the younger kids started melting down.

Day 3
Wednesday, Aug 20

I think this was the most fun! I taught them a little bit about watercolors (I set out a still life but mostly, they painted minions) and we did a Michelangelo style painting (they painted the papered-over underside of my dining room table).

The little kids had fun too with Paint With Water books!

Day 4
Thursday, Aug 21
Tie Dye

BYO Shirt! It's so humid here though that these are still hanging in my shed (it rained last night and this afternoon).

Day 5
Friday, Aug 22
Kid Craft

This one kind of fell apart. I had a couple things that had to be done in the morning and my friends have kids who nap but I did one of the activities anyway!
This is ribbon embroidery done on paper

I also finished this lovely Christening/Baptism/Dedication baby gown and booties (both will be listed soon!)

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