Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tag, You're It!!

So I haven't come up with a name for it yet (and I can't use Taggie since that's been copy written and I can't get the other cute taken name out of my head Tag Me Along Dino from EarthSoulJar on Etsy). Anyway, I saw a kid with one at Barnes and Noble a year or so ago and I said, "I can make that!" and I did. I gave it to my cousin who was having a baby boy and she wants more for her friends. This isn't strictly a "bow" but it's still a ribbon craft and that counts for something. So, here's how I make them:

1. Draw a dinosaur on cardboard. I like a stegosaurus because, well, it make sense when it's all put together - the tags are the plates... what's shown here is a stegosaurus (or stegosaurus wannabe at least - the missing link perhaps?) Also, stegosauruses are fairly easy b/c you can fold the pattern in half and all you have to do differently is flatten out the tail a little bit and make a curve in the neck.

2. Trace pattern onto fleece using a water or air soluble pen. I like plain simple fleece but you could use your favorite sport's team fleece or tinkerbell fleece as well. You'll need to pay attention to what part of the background you are cutting out though because, heaven forbid, you cut off Tink's wings!!! and more practically, you'll have to pay attention to right side/wrong side. Cut out double thickness (this means you'll have 2).

3. Cut ribbon to 3 or 4 inches. I do a little arranging as I go to know how much I'll need but I can have a few as 5 pieces of ribbon and as many as 21 (I haven't done that many but I could arrange it - and did you notice that these are both ODD numbers? yup, things just look better when arranging an odd number of items).

4. Fold ribbon into "tags" and pin to top layer of fleece (make sure the side showing is the side you want to be on the outside).

5. Put bottom layer of fleece on the top (again, make sure that the side you want outside in facing the ribbons), align layers of fleece meticulously, and pin together.

6. Sew layers together at 1/4 inch (align material with outside of the foot on my 1970's Singer FashionMate - yes, it's ugly, yes, I like fully mechanical sewing machines, yes, I can thread the darn thing - it's not that complicated, no, I will not sell it so don't even ask! Well, if you offer $1Million, I'd consider it.) I usually just sew the top together and look at how the ribbons turn out before going on. Anyway, part b of this step is to sew even closer to the edge and backstitch over the ribbons to hold the very tight to the fabric - I go over the ribbons 3x (forward, back, forward) in this stage. On to part c - sew another seam about 1/8 inch inside the original seam. You have now gone over the ribbons 5x and they will be securely held. Make sure to leave a smallish opening on the belly to turn the dino right side out and stuff it.

7. Trim and heat seal ribbons, clip corners and curves and turn Dino right side out. Make sure to push out the head and tail. I use a plastic turner and a Sharpie.

8. Stuff!!! (yea, yea, no picture)

9. Hand stitch belly together. After tying off, put needle in belly and pull through about an inch, pull tight and clip - the end of the string will now be inside the dino!

10. Wash, hang dry and give to the first kid under a year old you see.

If you don't like these directions, give me a call or send me an email and I can make one for you (for a small fee)!

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