Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Handmade Christmas continues...

So, I'm well on my way to a balance of a handmade and a store-bought Christmas. We replaced (purchased commercially) most of our outdoor decorations that were destroyed in last year's snow (December 20th's Snowpocolypse I) and our fake tree had fallen apart. We put the broken tree topper on as we've been too busy to make a new one but I did make a new felt tree skirt while waiting for kids at their activities and school/bus.

Presents were going to be the most difficult handmade part of Handmade Christmas until I realized that it doesn't have to be handmade by ME! I bought handmade items for my mom and sisters on Etsy and Chris bought a handmade item for his sister as well as a commercially available game we thought she'd enjoy. In the spirit of handmade, we bought something to help my MIL make her handmade items. The Dads were too difficult - they don't use the handmade stuff (well, my FIL may use handmade golf tees but...) so we bought their gifts at traditional stores. Teacher's aren't a problem - I made bath scrub and soaks for Anna's classroom teacher and Emily's religion teacher (my co-teacher), a flax seed neck wrap for Anna's religion teachers (no picture since it's not quite done yet...) and chalkboard fabric placemats for Emily' classroom teacher (current project). I made marshmallow snowmen with a candy cane and hot chocolate for my religious ed kids too.

I wrapped most of the presents in black burlap and used handmade gift tags from Grace Graphics. So far it's been fun but I've got to get back to work! 10 days until Christmas and I'm not done with my handmade Christmas presents!!

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