Friday, February 4, 2011

Crochet away

So I really enjoyed making that crochet beanie/skull cap to match the blanket (I posted a picture recently) and also the bonnet so I've been using some Caron Simply Soft to make a few. Here are examples:

Well, I brought what I was working on to my daughter's dance class looking for a way to spend some child-free but away from home time so not really bow time). Anyway, I got to chatting with a friend and being that I'd already done the shaping and I was just working on the sides of the skull cap, I pulled it out, confident that I'd be able to carry on the conversation while getting some work done. She asked me to teach her girls how to knit (I did correct her that I was crocheting, not knitting). I can't teach my own girls how (A really doesn't take direction from me and E gets distracted easily) so I'm not sure that it will work well but I'm thinking about it. Considering that I learned a little bit from my Granny who lived several states away and then my MIL who lives several states away and then the internet (gotta love youtube!). Anyway, I think I'm going to start with teaching my friend!

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