Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Thursday!

Thursday and Friday are really busy days for me - 4 kids to 3 different schools, some errand, home, feed & nap the little kids, get the big kids home, ballet & Brownies Thursday/Irish dance Friday, dinner, bed, CRASH! - so I was a little reluctant to commit to being a speaker at St. Leo the Great's Mother's group. I had never been to a religious playgroup (even though I went to Catholic school) or one that had speakers for the moms.

I was surprised at how this one was set up. They put on a movie for the kids and set out toys (I think the youngest was 17 mo and there were a couple home schooling moms that had older kids) and then the moms talked for a few minutes before going around and introducing everyone. Then I got up and did my thing. I told how I got into the business and then I showed how to sew my St. Patty's Day korker bow starting with how to make the korker ribbon. I took questions and then sold some bows. I think I might do it again with another group! If you have a local group that wants a 15 minute bow presentation, send me an email!

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