Monday, April 4, 2011


So I've been doing some crocheting a bit lately - enough to begin creating patterns (far from being anywhere near complete - they're written, but they need to be tested -I already found one mistake, I mean, feature, I need to take step by step photographs and I need to create PDFs of them). But enough with work - I had fun with these so I entered them in a contest sponsored by a fellow Etsian Kathy's Lace & Elastic Outlet (contest is through Kathy's Yahoo! group). From the contest rules:
Rules of engagement: Made with textiles of your choosing
the article can be anything from a stuffed animal to
an evening purse, crocheted hat or pair of yoga pants. Just gotta be
fun. Remember the clue. :-)

So I prettied up the hat that was I was working on a pattern for and made a second "grandpa" style hat (modified a pattern) and entered them as "Nana & PopPop baby hats"

I also included this story: "I was recently helping my mom clean out some boxes left from my grandparent's estate. I came across boxes upon boxes of pictures of them from the 40's and 50's decked out the the extreme! They always looked like they were having a fun so I created the "Nana" hat pattern and then modified a pattern for the "PopPop" hat from an adult pattern I have. After the contest ends, I will be listing these for sale in my etsy shop."
Now, most of you know that my grandparents aren't/weren't "Nana & PopPop" but I thought it sounded more catchy. I will, of course, need to photograph the hats again, perhaps on an actual baby... now where to find a baby who won't mind being photographed for commercial purposes and doesn't charge a lot...

If anyone wants to vote for me, you can join Kathy's Yahoo! group but it's a lot of "shop talk" about making undies!

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