Monday, April 11, 2011

more crochet

Hairbows aren't exactly the more "take with you" craft you can find. Actually, the thought of using my hot glue gun in the car is tempting but I'm afraid that the leak we can't pinpoint might short it out and I'd have to buy yet another glue gun (on #3 since Christmas...) not to mention that a short stop might cause a burn... and can you imagine using some E6000 and getting stuck to the car... that's my luck! I do cut ribbon in advance and sew the bows up while I'm out but the more complicated ones need a bit of glue in the middle of the process (or the whole darn thing!).

So I've been bringing my crochet with me. Last time I posted (cough, cough, it wasn't that long ago, cough, cough), I showed you the "Nana" pattern that I created. I'm attempting to get that into good form and sell the pattern - it's coming along but I need to take pictures as I go. I bought this one pattern that used a contrasting color to point to the instructions - I like this and will employ it as it was thoroughly helpful. I also showed the "PopPop" hat that I made for A's gymnastics teacher's new baby boy - not sure I can sell it - definitely not as a pattern since I (rather substantially) modified a pattern rather than create my own - but I'm working on developing my own version.

No, what I've done today is take white yarn to a farm the day after a heavy rain storm... I made a tried and true baby bonnet for spring/Easter/Baptism.

What's left now? Making this brimmed one again and prepping to sell it... I bought the pattern and know that I can use it but I remember that she had specific wording that I needed to use in order to sell.

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