Friday, November 2, 2012

Has it really been that long?

So, February,  huh? Well, lots has happened since then! Over the summer, my family moved from the Washington DC Metro Area to the Richmond, VA, Area.It was a big move and was difficult for the kids to adjust at first b/c it was SO HOT - no one was playing outside! But we're renting a lovely single family home in a great neighborhood and now that school has started and it's cooler, I rarely see my kids b/c they're running around outside once they get home. And they are all in the same school too so I'm not all running around. I have more energy to invest in my shop.
The best things about this house is that I now have my very own office/craft room. My sewing machine has a permanent home that's not a box! And all my ribbon is "organized" by size - okay, organized might be overstating but it's at least mostly in the same cubby by size... and I have plans to organize even better by color and on a rack.
On the business end, I've also added cloth snack bags and wraps to my shop. They are selling reasonably well - especially the Eco-Super-Hero fabric ones - can't keep it in stock!

If you're following from Richmond, come see me at the Clover Hill ES Crafter's Corner on Dec 8 from 8am to noon.

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