Monday, January 31, 2011

so, next Thursday, huh...

Like I've mentioned before, I'm doing a demo for St. Leo the Great Mother's Group in Fairfax, VA, on Thursday so in preparation, I've made a few lined clips...

Do keep in mind that I will be using some of these to mount bows and sculptures on but by a few, I mean somewhere in the range of 150 individual clips. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon and there are about 125 clips here - some may have seen it on my personal facebook page not my business one and I made several more this morning before I got the bright idea of photographing, editing the photos and listing these 19 that I haven't previously listed (how much did that cost at 20 cents a pop? but keep it to yourself, I don't think I want to know until I sell a few!).

Here's what I listed today:
Simply Lined Clips
-Purple polka dots
-Red polka dots
-Light blue zigzag
-Birthday Set of 3
-Cake & Balloons
-Hot pink polka dots
-Lil Sister/Big Sister 2 pair
-Lil Sister
-Big Sister
-Green (Emerald) polka dots

Valentine's Hearts pair
-Hot Pink

I also updated photos of the crocheted shamrocks. Typing this here, I think maybe I should put the word "clover" somewhere that SEO can find it... tags perhaps? I don't know and I'll likely forget until I read this again in a week or so when I Google my shop...

So why list so much? I want to get to 50 items in my shop. I notice more traffic when I have more items. And it makes sense - I don't want to pay for shipping for just one item - I wanna make it worth my while and ship as much as I can from one place at one time. Forum groupies swear by the 50 rule too so it's an attainable goal to set on the last day of January for the month of January... I'm not at 50 yet though. I don't like listing multiples because that seems like cheating so I've kinda gotta get going so I can finish up, photograph and list a couple more items!

Oh, and I'll leave you with a photo of my kids in the snow and a coupon code good in my shop until the kids go back to school: StirCrazy2011


  1. 8 minutes to go until Feb and I haven't started my listing. I do, however, have the finished bows and photos, so there's a start.

  2. ah man - missed it by just a couple of minutes!!