Wednesday, January 5, 2011

more on photos...

Some of you may know that my computer got a virus - a BAD virus - and I've been down-ish the last few days. But my wonderful husband got annoyed enough at me using his computer and fixed mine tonight. So here I am able to type about my picture skilz! well, the Ott light magically appeared under the tree (thank you MIL & FIL) and I have been using it but, alas, no computer to upload the pix to so I haven't yet played with them. The only one I have used was for a custom hat that I'm waiting for someone to pay for: (it's the 4th and 5th picture - absolutely no retouching was done - straight from camera to website. This is totally going to save me time!).

I'm now curious if I need to start using a diffused light box... hmmm, something to ponder... Once my photos finish being transferred ad I get the camera pictures up, I'll let you guys see the difference!


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