Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines Part 2 and St. Patty's Day part 1

Thanks to my sister who had the idea, I created new bows for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's day (they are the same style, different colors). I'm currently working on getting them photographed and listed on etsy but I'll post some "action" pictures here.

So the problem with this new (and absolutely adorable, I might add) style? My favorite ribbon supplier doesn't have many colors and even fewer prints in the size ribbon that I use for korkers (otherwise known as corkscrew or curly q ribbon). So I'm shopping for a decent supplier for 1/4" ribbon... I think I found one but minimum orders are 100 yds a style. Tell me what you think - should I take the plunge and invest in this style beyond red, white, green and pink?

edit: Here's the photos I took today:

Valentine's Day Listing

St. Patrick's Day Listing

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