Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, I wanted to get better at posting regularly but can't think of much to say... My kids have a snow day (it's currently raining but there's POTENTIAL for a lot of snow - insert snarky chortle - but we've been missed by pretty much every predicted snow storm this year so my confidence level is approaching zero right now) so I'm not going to get much done. Right now, I'm working on another baby cap for my friend Michele who's second baby is due very soon. I need to ramp up for the St. Leo's mother's group next week where I will be demonstrating how to make some of my bows as well as having them available for sale. I think that I'll do that this afternoon - some dance shoes (tap and ballet) as well as Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day, ooh and the sewn flower ones do very well at those things too... that's going to be a lot of work but maybe my kids will behave while I do that (or they could always nap or watch movies).

Anyway, I added my crocheted and ribbon shamrocks to etsy. I need to take the crocheted shamrock picture again but that's for another day! Here's the pictures:



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